“Grave Image” Video Released

December 17, 2020

We are concluding 2020 with the issuance of a visualizer video for the title track of our latest studio album, Grave Image. The video was created by Guilherme Henriques, who we also had the pleasure of working with on the lyric video for “Among Us.”

The themes reflected in both the video and song are indicative of the world we currently occupy — the pandemic of 2020 simply amplified those matters. The havoc wrought upon this planet via the denial of science and facts will have an adverse effect for generations to come. As suggested in the accompanying lyrics for “Grave Image” the song, these wanton acts are far from an illusion, but instead are now a part of everyday, real life.

With 2020 about to bow out, we are looking toward the future, namely our third studio album. We are currently deep in the throes of songwriting and demoing, and immensely look forward to putting the finishing touches on these compositions. The early verdict is that these songs are slower, doomier, and, dare we say more “atmospheric” than before.

We would also be remiss if we did not thank those who supported Deathwhite in 2020. We are forever in your debt.

Until next time,