‘Among Us’ Lyric Video Released

July 3, 2020

It is with great pleasure to share the lyric video for “Among Us,” which was created by the supremely-talented Guilherme Henriques.

As we are often wont to do, many of the songs on ‘Grave Image’ were revised and tinkered with until we were satisfied, but no song received a bigger overhaul than ‘Among Us.’ The song’s original tempo was half of its current state; it was doomy, perhaps excessively so. Common sense ultimately prevailed and we were able to not only speed the song up (a term we should use loosely in this context) but also work in a somewhat basic chorus by our standards. The song itself has a fairly simple message: Ignorance, falsehoods and gaslighting are not to be tolerated. Unfortunately, these people are still ‘among us,’ spreading their untruths and grievances in very public and far-reaching forums. May it all fall on deaf ears.

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Ever-the-unusual times…

April 27, 2020

The virus, obviously, has put a halt to any proposed live activity for Deathwhite in support of Grave Image. The silver lining is that we are now well into the songwriting for our third studio album. The early results are encouraging. In the meantime, we hope everyone is staying safe and looking out for the vulnerable and less fortunate during these ever-unusual times.


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Grave Image Press Coverage

March 11, 2020

We are suitably grateful for the kind words shared by the metal press with regard to Grave Image. It is their support who helps propel a band like ours and we remain in debt to their service. A sampling of coverage for Grave Image is as follows:

Distorted Sound
Angry Metal Guy
The Obelisk
Cryptic Rock
Man of Much Metal
A&P Reacts
Heavy New York
Dead Rhetoric
The Razor’s Edge
Metal Temple
Two Guys Metal Reviews
Wonderbox Metal
Time for Metal
Burn Your Ears
Teeth of the Divine
Outburn Online
White Room Reviews
Ave Noctum

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‘Plague of Virtue’ Single Released

January 13, 2020

We recently issued “Plague of Virtue,” which is the third and final single from Grave Image. It can be viewed below.

We have long revered Katatonia’s ‘Discouraged Ones’ album. It is of immense influence and one of the reasons for Deathwhite’s formation. And while we are massively fond of the album, we have resisted completely appropriating it for our own measures. ‘Plague Of Virtue’, though, is one of the few times we have touched upon that particular sound, notably with the song’s opening riff. It is our not-so-subtle nod to a band we so dearly admire. Thematically, the song explores the depths in which the self-appointed ‘virtuous’ will go to in order to exploit and deceive. This is especially relevant in a day and age where the most amoral of individuals find legion among those where hypocrisy and self-righteousness is the modus operandi.”

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“Funeral Ground” Video Posted

December 13, 2019

We are pleased to share the video for “Funeral Ground,” the second single from our forthcoming new album, Grave Image.

We were quite elated upon seeing Jérôme Comentale’s cover art design for ‘Grave Image.’ With that mind, we wanted to find some way to tie it into a video, which we did for “Funeral Ground”. It is not obvious at first, but, rest assured, it is there. We had the good fortune of shooting during a brisk autumn day in the natural outdoors, something that we feel only added to the song’s overall atmosphere, which treads some new – no pun intended – ground for us. Due credit to our resident jack-of-all-trades Shane Mayer, who lent his considerable time and energy to the video’s creation.

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‘Grave Image’ To Be Released January 31

November 13, 2019

Our sophomore album, Grave Image, will see the light of day January 31, 2020.

The album was recorded during April and May 2019 at Cerebral Audio Productions with producer/engineer Shane Mayer; vocal tracking took place at Erik Rutan’s (Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel) Mana Recording under the supervision of engineer Art Paiz. The album was mastered by the incomparable Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge of Sanity, Nightingale) at Unisound, and, as with the band’s previous two efforts, the artwork and design were handled by Jérôme Comentale, whose visuals are crucial to DEATHWHITE’s overall aesthetic.

The first single, “Further from Salvation,” can be streamed below. The album can be pre-ordered at this location.

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Deathwhite Completes Recording Process for ‘Grave Image’

July 20, 2019

Enigmatic dark metal outfit Deathwhite has wrapped the recording process for their forthcoming second full-length album, “Grave Image.” The album was tracked in April and May at Cerebral Audio Productions under the watchful eye of Shane Mayer, with vocal tracking taking place at Mana Recording with engineer Art Paiz. The album was mixed by Mayer, with the legendary Dan Swanö taking care of the mastering process.

Comments the band: “The recording process for ‘Grave Image’ was seamless and enjoyable throughout, something we owe largely to the skills and expertise of those so kind to assist us in making this album a reality. In particular, we are indebted to Mr. Shane Mayer, whose production skills and congenial nature is second-to-none. The sonic jump between our 2018 album ‘For a Black Tomorrow’ and ‘Grave Image’ is quite evident, and we are eager to share its contents in the near future. We are not too fond of clichés or typical band-speak, but the songs on ‘Grave Image’ are heavier than anything we’ve created before, but also include a wealth of new elements, some surprising…some not.

“Now that the album is in the proverbial can, we have turned our attention to its cover art and related materials. Further details — as well as release date — will be shared in due time.”

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DEATHWHITE Enters Studio To Record New Album, ‘Grave Image’

May 9, 2019

It is with great pleasure to share we are currently in the throes of recording our second full-length album, “Grave Image.” The album will be released in the not-terribly-distant future via Season of Mist.

Cerebral Audio Productions’ Shane Mayer is once again overseeing the sessions; vocals will be tracked at Mana Recording in Tampa, Florida. And, much to our delight, the esteemed Dan Swano will handle mastering.

We are now a quartet, having added a second guitar player. Such an addition, along with new twists and turns in the songwriting process, make “Grave Image” an effort we are imminently proud of. We look forward to sharing more details as matters unfold. Until then…

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“Poisoned” Live Track Available Via Bandcamp

February 6, 2019

To all of our supporters,

Please follow the link below to our Bandcamp page to get a free version of “Poisoned”

This version of ‘Poisoned’ is taken from our very first live show this past September. The audio was captured on a hand-held video recorder, of all things, but, we wanted to share at least one song from this performance to demonstrate the gradual evolution of the band. For our first six years, DEATHWHITE existed solely as a studio project, but the move into the live arena has been fulfilling to the point where we will certainly be doing more shows. We are currently knee-deep into the demo process for our second full-length studio album, which we hope to record in the near future. For now, we hope you enjoy this version of ‘Poisoned’ and extend our sincere gratitude to those who have supported us throughout 2018.

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